Presentation of “Nus Meios”- Dance-Theatre piece created with inmates of Castelo Branco Prison, Castelo Branco and presented in CamAi??es theatre, in Lisbon. Ai?? Jorge GonAi??alves


Filipa Francisco (Portugal)

A Dance and Theatre project.

A project of artistic creation that was developed with a group inmates from Castelo Branco Prison, in Castelo Branco, Portugal, from 2000 until 2008 with the production of CENTA. In 2006, with the dance-theatre creation ai???Nus Meiosai??? the project received the prize of the critic, as one of the best performances of the year. With this piece the group did a tournAi??e in several Portuguese theatre places. The ideia of working with communities, in specific context continues with the project ai???Nu Kre Bai Na Bu Ondaai??? and ai???Projecto MA?dulos NA?madasai??? (2007-2010) with association Alkantara. This is a project of Dance workshops in peripheral Burroughs, like Cova da Moura. Rexistir is directed by Filipa Francisco and she invites guest artists to work on the different areas of the performance (costums, music, dramaturgy). The creative process went through numerous work phases: a prepatory phase of sensibilization to contemporary dance and theatre, a phase of improvisation and writing of texts, a fase of dramaturgy and rehearseal and the production of a show that had its debut inside the prison and than outeside (in a big theatre, in Lisbon, the ai???Teatro CamAi??esai???. All thematics of the performed piece were constructed by the group, its base in each individualai??i??s imagination, and the cultural heritage of each of their communities, using the languages of contemporary dance and theatre. Through the construction and circulation of this original work, in which professional artists also participated, Rexistir intended to build bridges between ai???worldsai??? that donai??i??t often mix or diologue with one another. In this regard, this project is an exemplary project and demonstrates my own position in the arts: ai???I believe that Dance and Theatre can be a force of change and thus I have developed various projects in relation with different communities, where it has been possible to develop an intense work that questions the very relationship between art and life. These projects have influenced my choreographic work, in that it now represents and reflects a worldly form. I have created projects in which the formation allies itself with creation, or rather, in which the pedagogics are directly linked to the creative process. As participant and creator I experiment with the questions of the relation between the public and the author, creating pieces where a certain proximity exists and with double-takes on the same thematics. My pieces are like a house of mirrors allowing for various points of view and where ultimately the creative process is not only touched upon but also laid bare. ”

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