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Dana Cenusa (RumAi??nien)

The National Theatre Festival for Inmates is organized by the National Administration of Prisons in Romania and it is at its third edition. All Romanian prisons are invited to attend the theatre festival, actors and professional theater directors or students from local drama schools put on stage a text written by prisoners or adapt plays by established authors. All plays originally submitted to the festival are performed first in the town where the prison is located, afterwards there is a selection and then in the autumn, on the stage of “Nottara” Theater in Bucharest, thebest 10 performances are played. Any edition of the festival involves in the first phase more than 100 inmates; after the selection about 70 inmates from all over the country, accompanied by stage directors, educators involved in the project, prison guards and staff relocate to Bucharest for the two days of the festival. The entrance to shows is free, the public is usually very young and the 400 seats of the theater hall are never enough.The reason of organizing this festival was not the drama in itself, nor the wish to diversify the cultural life in Bucharest, nor the attempt to bring some action in the life of prisoners. A Drama Festival for Inmates is equally a confrontation andan alternative, it’s the possibility to look at things from a different perspective, it’s a chance to normality and if this very concrete lesson of respect challenges our mentalities even for a while, this means that our objectives, at least the ones on short term, were reached.

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